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How to behave on a dating site

It means something like: "Show, don't tell." So don't write that you are clever and funny, rather write something clever and funny. That proves that you are someone to have fun with and have character online hook up sites. Positive people attract positive people. Complaining about things can put some people off. Often you can read how much someone detests Instagram and doesn't want to be part of the mindless crowd and therefore doesn't have a profile. That goes down very badly and just makes you unappealing. Nobody likes grumpy and negative people As just mentioned, you should stay positive and delete negative things from your bio. But if you are generally more of a negative person or a pessimist and would like to show that openly, then you can also pack it funny. Of course, pretending to make little sense and maybe you enjoy being a curmudgeon. When you make someone laugh, you at least make them feel positive. Are you a hopeless nihilist? Then you could write, “The meaning of life is that it doesn't make sense. But we can still make the best of it. Fancy pizza? " You can of course also choose this route and just say what you are looking for. If you would like to be in a relationship, why not just bring it up? Then at least your potential match knows what he's getting into. But you should still heed the rest of the tips here and maybe make it entertaining. A crude “I'm looking for a relationship” can come off extremely weird.